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Many demigods had children of their own, who then carried on several family lines who were all descended from one or several different gods. Many demigods, Roman kings, senators and emperors were descendant from a single or many gods. The founder of Rome, Romulus, alongside his brother Remus, were descended from the goddess Venus through their Trojan ancestor Aeneas.

Known Descendants[]

Descendants of Mars[]

Line of Romulus[]

Romulus and his twin brother Remus were both demigod sons of Mars, and were both descendants of the goddess Venus through their ancestor Aeneas.

  • By Hersilia, Romulus fathered two children: Prima and Aollios

Descendants of Jupiter[]

Descendants of Venus[]

Line of Aeneas[]

Aeneas was one of the last Trojans, and commonly recognized as the first Roman demigod. He was the son of Venus and Anchises. His children were: Ascanius and Silvius.

  • His grandchildren were